Anime Himesama Goyoujin

Himesama Goyoujin
Finished Airing 12 Episode G - All Ages
6.32 TV
Episode Terakhir
Episode Pertama
Popularity: #8769 Members: 718 Duration: 24 min per ep Studios: Nomad Aired: Apr 13, 2006 to Jul 20, 2006
English: Princess Beware Synonyms: Hime-sama Goyojin, Hime-sama Goyoujin, Princess, Be Careful!

Synopsis GogoAnime Himesama Goyoujin Eng Sub


Himesama Goyoujin gogoanime tell about: Himeko is supposed to be a common high school student... until she happens to obtain a crown and she becomes a princess. Since then, Nana, the true princess, follows her around to take the crown back. In addition, Leslie and Caren, the thieves, appear to rob her of the crown, and her peaceful life turns into turmoil.

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