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Kaze no Youjinbou
Finished Airing 25 Episode R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
7.18 TV
Episode Terakhir
Episode Pertama
Popularity: #4820 Members: 2271 Duration: 23 min per ep Studios: Studio Pierrot Aired: Oct 2, 2001 to Mar 26, 2002
English: Kaze no Yojimbo Synonyms: Bodyguard of the Wind, Kaze no Youjimbo

Synopsis GogoAnime Kaze no Youjinbou Eng Sub


Kaze no Youjinbou gogoanime tell about: In search for Araki Genzo, George Kodama finds himself in the small town of Kimujuku. George quickly realizes that he is unwelcome and is warned to leave as soon as possible. With two rival syndicates roaming the streets and a dark violent past, the town of Kimujuku isn't what it appears to be. George challenges the town of Kimujuku in order to reveal the towns dark hidden past and discover the truth.

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